Experience Porcelain at Kaiser-Porzellan in Bad Staffelstein
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Opening Hours: Mo - Fr 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. and Sa 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Kaiser Porzellan Factory Outlet, Auwaldstraße 8, D-96231 Bad Staffelstein
only a short distance from the spa

Telephone +49(0) 95 73/336-181 • Telefax +49(0) 95 73/336-100 • E-Mail: werksverkauf@kaiser-porzellan.com

You leave highway 173 from Bamberg to Kronach at the exit Bad Staffelstein-Ost. At the exit, turn right and follow the Frankenring for around 2.5 km, passing two round-abouts. After crossing the train track, you reach Auwaldstrasse, where you turn left. After approximately 500 meters, you’ll find the Factory Outlet parking on the left. You can’t miss us as you enter town, just follow the signs “Therme” and “Kurbereich”.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Kaiser Porzellan - that means more than 140 years of experience and tradition in the manufacturing of porcelain. Across more than five generations, the traditional art of handcrafted porcelain lives on. Connoisseurs value the high quality of our porcelain products, which are well known in more than 60 countries, and have received multiple awards.

In our Factory Outlet, spread over 1,200 square meters, you’ll find not only our entire collection, but special display pieces and discontinued items. Here you’ll also find a price advantage of 50% for “1-B ware” in comparison to “1-A ware” prices. From time to time there are special occasions where discounts are 70% or more. 1-B assortments correspond to the quality standard of our B-ware. 1-B ware results during the production of 1-A ware. Thus, it is possible that not all products in this assortment will be available.

Besides our Kaiser-Porzellan products, we also offer gift articles from other brand-name makers, for example, glassware and a vast assortment of decorative articles for the festive table.

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Are you looking for Kaiser products from previous years or from the lines tableware and gift items?
Don’t hesitate to contact us, there are still separate parts available!

As end consumer, please contact the Kaiser outlet store:
Telephone +49(0) 95 73/336-181• Telefax +49(0) 95 73/336-100 •  E-Mail: werksverkauf@kaiser-porzellan.com

Questions from retailers will be answered by:
Mrs. Annemarie Hofmann •  Telephone +49(0) 95 73/33 61 39 •  Telefax +49(0) 95 73/336 100 •  E-Mail: annemarie.hofmann@kaiser-porzellan.com
Mrs. Gabriela Kraus •  Telephone +49(0) 95 73/33 61 50 •  Telefax +49(0) 95 73/33 61 42 • E-Mail: gabriela.kraus@kaiser-porzellan.com